Denise Jacobs

Who is Denise?

I am a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist and now Founder (more on this later) who evangelizes techniques to unlock creativity and spark innovation in people, teams, and workplaces, particularly those in the tech world. I teach game-changing techniques for busting through creative blocks, developing clear and effective communication, cultivating collaboration, and up-leveling creative productivity. Ultimately, it’s about creating real-world results: teams work better, produce more, and skyrocket their company’s success. Through speaking, writing, training, and my consulting company, The Creative Dose, I share big concepts that challenge the status quo and lead to “ahas” that translate into immediate actions, skills, and new habits to transform all aspects of people’s work lives with focused creativity.

I speak the language of tech, having been immersed in the industry since 1997.