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Day 1
22 Sep 2016

Morning Welcome

Eirik er markedsdirektør og ansvarlig for markedsføring i Creuna. Han har lang erfaring som rådgiver innen forretningsutvikling, digital strategi, kommunikasjon og sosiale medier, der han selv er en meget aktiv...
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Eirik Norman Hansen

Banish Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic is an unconscious deterrent that stands between the seeds of great ideas and the fruits of achievement, keeping you stuck by telling you you’re just faking it,...
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Denise Jacobs

Coffee Break

Advanced Typography for the Web & Print

Elliot takes us on a typographic journey behind the scenes of 8 Faces magazine and Lagom magazine, discussing the geeky details that make all the difference between good and bad...
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Elliot Jay Stocks

Introductions, Interruptions and Seductions

The web is full of text to be read: customer reviews, industry reports, social network updates, blog posts, newspapers, magazines, email and so on. Some of that text is well...
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Richard Rutter


Ethical Design

As citizens of the web, do we know what is happening to the data we’re sharing about ourselves publicly and privately? As designers and builders of the web, are we...
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Laura Kalbag

Typo-traps In Startups

In the fast paced life of a startup, typography can be the difference between a garage office, or building your own UFO-shaped headquarter. We’ve been in the trenches. This is...
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Portrait of Jonas Fredin
Jonas Fredin


Stretching Time

Time and creativity are inextricably intertwined. The more time you make available to ‘prime the brain’, the greater the range of potential creative outcomes you’ll be sure to enjoy. In...
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Christopher Murphy


Web browsers have become so powerful that developers are now treating them as if they were a runtime environment as predictable as any other. But the truth is that we...
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Picture of Jeremy Keith
Jeremy Keith